Why Do Today What I Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?

A Procrastinator's Blogpost About Procrastination

  • Saturday, February 27, 2016

If it wasn't after midnight and if I weren't suffering from terrible insomnia, I would not be writing. No one is expecting me to write. In fact the people closest to me probably expect me not to write. But, it's not that I don't write. I write. Believe me I write. I have written enough to earn four expensive pieces of paper that hang on my wall...two of which required me to write a book (neither will or should ever be published, and one of them should not even be read). So, I write. But I write under duress. I need deadlines. I need threats. I need to know that if I don't complete my writing I will have flushed thousands of dollars down the proverbial toilet. Other than that...I don't write.

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